Hi there,

I'm Wayne, a professional musician, engineer and videographer.  I currently perform with the Drew Baker Band.  I've been playing guitar for 42 years and have been in numerous bands, have 20+ years of studio multitrack recording experience, 12 years of photo editing and 7 years in film and video post production.  I also play bass, drums and keyboards, write and edit sequences in the studio.  I gig for fun and income.

For clients (local bands, singers, songwriters, etc) we record, edit, mix and master original and cover songs for studio or "live" CDs, film, edit and create music videos and promo DVDs and take client portraits for lounge displays or websites.  Every client has been highly pleased with the quality and professionalism they've received and have returned for additional services.  At the same time my wife and I keep the atmosphere friendly, comfortable and affordable.  We enjoy it tremendously.   

Since 1997 we have helped unsigned musicians, singers, songwriters and bands create quality DVD videos, mastered audio CDs and professional photo portraits.  We can help you too.  Contact us via our clients page to get started and create a promo package for you, your agent, your clients, club and bar owners, or for your fans.

Wayne Carson




                                    Casino $1 dollar chips. Wayne collects them each time he plays at a new casino.