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Business hours:    Mon - Fri    11am - 6pm    (Weekends by appointment)
Business phone:   (702)  376 - 2088

Audio-Audition Digital Studios - "YouTube Channel" 

Studio rates (one-off) if no pre-arranged total package price:

  • $30 per hour - recording - initial recording and tracking of instruments, vocals and/or full band

  • $20 per hour - recording - overdubs, solo's, punch in recordings, vocal multi-track comps

  • $30 per hour - editing - audio fixes and vocal edits, vocal tuning on master vocal track)

  • $20 per hour - mixdown  - EQ, effects processing, automation, audio analysis, dynamics processing, etc

  • $30 per hour - mastering - air play quality, CD song order, balance and levels

  • $5 per CD, DVD, DAT or cassette tape (for duplicates after the provided master and backup copy)

  • $35 per hour - video editing

  • No hourly price stated for filming due to numerous variables (pre-agreement)

Wayne Carson (simple bio)    Professional musician, engineer and videographer.  Performs with the Drew Baker Band.  Guitarist for 42 years and has been in several gigging bands.  30+ years of studio multitrack recording experience, 15 years of photo editing and 9 years in film and video post production.  Sings lead and backing vocals, plays guitars, bass, drums and keyboards, writes and edits sequences in the studio.

Paula Carson (simple bio)    Artist, videographer, vocals.  2nd camera operator.  Oil and acrylic canvas paintings, digital photo and graphics editing, portrait background creator, backing vocals.

Bob and Penny Kuhn (simple bio)    Professional musician, engineer and videographers.  Drummer/vocals.  3rd and 4th camera operators.

Our Clients (Local, national and international bands, singers, songwriters, unsigned artists)    Every client has been highly pleased with the quality and professionalism they've received and have returned for additional services.  At the same time we keep the atmosphere friendly, comfortable and affordable.

Our Studio  - We record, edit, tune vocals, mix and master original and cover songs for studio or "live" CDs.  We film, edit and create music videos and promo DVDs.  We shoot and edit client portraits for CD/DVD covers, websites and casino lounge/bar entertainment attraction displays.
Since 1997 we have assisted unsigned musicians, singers, songwriters and bands create mastered audio CDs, quality DVD promo videos and professional photo portraits.  Contact us to get started and create a promo package that's just right for you, your agent, your clients or your fans.

Wayne and Paula Carson




                                    Casino $1 dollar chips.  Wayne collects them each time he plays at a new casino.