Videos from our studio
"Live" filming of local bands on stage and studio filming of cover bands and solo performers.
"Music videos" that we created to showcase local singer/songwriters can be found on the clients tab or on our YouTube channel.
  Audio-Audition Digital Studios - "YouTube Channel"  

Chris Zemba - filmed "Live" in studio


BADD REPP - filmed "Live" in studio


Midnight Special - filmed "Live" in studio


Sammy Steele - filmed "Live" at the MGM


Play Deep - Acoustic - filmed "Live" in studio


KOKOMO - filmed "Live" at the Gold Strike Hotel and Gambling Hall

"Refill" - filmed "Live" in our green screen studio


"Finnegan's Wake" promo

"Drew Baker Band" - filmed in our green screen studio

Royal Purple Rockers - filmed "Live" in studio


RAZZ - filmed "Live" in studio


Rev. It Up! - filmed in studio


Dynasty - filmed "Live" in studio


EVIL WAZE - filmed "Live" at the Fiesta Rancho

FlipSide 5 - filmed "Live" in studio

Stolen Gold - filmed "Live" at the Fremont St Experience


"Drew Baker Duo" filmed in our green screen studio


"Treasure" - filmed "Live" at the Four Queens


"Smilin' Bob" promo