Audio gear
Recording software
Recording console
Studio Clock
Digital/Analog Converter
Mic preamp
Line preamps
Headphone amp
Vocal processing (tuning)
Audio Analyzer
Audio converter
Audio formats
Audio features
Sound absorption by Auralex

Video gear
Video cameras
Portrait camera
Audio mixers
Audio amp
Fog machine
Subject lighting
Special lighting
Video formats
Video features
Sound absorption by Auralex

Sequencing gear
Sequencing software

Guitar processor
Midi capable studio
Sequencing features
ProTools 9 and PARIS Pro v3.0, 128 track w/smart submix
PARIS MEC w/32 channel cntrl, 16 trk rec, 128 trk plybck
Apogee Big Ben
Benchmark DAC-1
Adams A7, Yamaha NS-10M, Mackie MR5mk2
Blue Dragonfly, Shure SM-57/58/87A, E-100
PreSonus Eureka
PreSonus Digimax FS (8 channel)
PreSonus HP4
Sony MDR-7506 and V6, Sennheiser HD201
Melodyne Uno
Izotope Ozone 4
Sony PCM-500
DOD SR RTA Real Time Analyzer
Wav/Mp3/Wma converter
Paf, wav, mp3, wma, sd2
Record, edit, mix, master, file conversion

Three (3) Canon VIXIA HG20 HDD
Canon DSLR EOS Rebel T5i
Mackie 1604vlz, 1202vlz, Behringer mini
Alesis RA-100, QSC MX-700
Bose 3.1, Peavey HS-112 x4
American DJ Mini Fog
20' x 20' green screen or black curtain backdrop
Chauvet TRI18 x2, 12-1200w cool fluorescent
American DJ Par 36 - 12 LED cans on "T" bar
Vegas 12 Pro, PhotoKey5 Pro, Corel PSPro
avi, mpg, mp4, wmv (convert to .mov, flv)
Any length, editing, effects, file conversion

ProTools 9, Sonar Cakewalk XL, EZdrums
Korg M3 expanded
Roland TDW-1 Pro Session Kit
PRS Custom 24, Fender Strat, Line6 Variax, Line6 Bass, Martin DC-Aura, Fender 12 string, Kawai classical, Carter pedal steel
Line6 PODxtLive
Instruments, efx's, click tracks, loops, more..