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Our clients are local, national and international bands, singers and songwriters (Below is a partial list)

Client websites:  Musicians (M), Bands (B), Singer/songwriters (S/S) - - "click the link to visit their sites"

EVIL WAZE    (B) We filmed, recorded and edited this band's "live" promo video at the Fiesta Rancho Casino. (National performing band).

Doo-Wah Riders    (B)  Great bunch of guys with real talent.

Royal Purple Rockers    (B)  A super fun band to go watch.  Great guys and gal!

Sammy Steele   (B) We filmed, recorded and edited this band's "live" promo video at the MGM Grand during the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) after party.

Soul Town    (B)  Classic Motown.  A true feel good groove.
Finnegan's Wake    (B) Finnegan's Wake is an authentic Irish band ... and a rock band!  We filmed their latest promo video.

HighRise   (B) We've edited their newest  promo video and filmed and recorded additional videos for them "live" and in our "green screen" and "black curtain" studio.  We also edited their "live" film footage from Carnival Cruise Lines in Alaska, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico cruises and used our studio for portrait and band photos.
Refill     (B) Las Vegas variety band.  A great bunch of guys.  We filmed, recorded and edited their newest promo video in our "green screen" studio.

Rum Runners     (B)   Classic rythym and blues.

Rev It Up!    (B)  Eight piece band with horns performing good ole rhythm and blues favorites.

Stolen Gold   (B) We filmed them "Live" at the Fremont Street Experience during a charity event.  We also recorded a CD with 14 cover songs for them to pass out on their gigs.

Greg Hartline    (B)  Traditional standards and jazz combo.

Last Call    (B) Chuck and Vivian are talented musicians.  We enjoyed recording their website demo songs and record, mix and master their newest full length CD.  Samples on our audio page and pics on the portraits page.
Smilin' Bob    (B) A 3-piece Las Vegas rock band with great tunes.  We filmed their most recent promo video "live".
Treasure     (B) R&B, Pop and Jazz band.  We filmed  and recorded her and her band "live" at a benefit concert.
Drew Baker Band  (B) (under reconstruction)  A Las Vegas variety rock and country band.  Super good musicians with great vocals. Promo on our video page.

Three Lock Box    (B)  Sammy Haggar tribute band and super fun gang.
Chyna    (B)  Super talented variety dance band.

Daemine   (B)  Classic Motown and rythym and blues.

Ed Jeffers Music  (S/S) Ed recorded and mixed 2 full length CDs, a "live" CD and 2 DVDs of original music and videos in our studio.  YouTube channel:   Ed Jeffers on YouTube
Lenn Marella Music  (S/S) Hey Wayne! Greetings form Deutschland! Good to see you guys are still at it. Looks like your studio has grown and I heard you got married! Congrats. That CD you did with me is still the best recording I was ever involved in, can't thank you enough for all the work you put into that. Take care,~Lenn Marella    YouTube channel:    Lenn Marella on YouTube    Welcome home Lenn !
Black Rose Drive   (S/S)  Two brothers form this exciting American/Latin electro band.  We recorded the vocals and mastered 5 of their singles including "Key to Success" which is featured on their newest video.  A&R Rep from Capital Records, LA, applauded our recordings and mastering.
Safe-Sax   (M/SS) I played guitar, bass and some percussion on several tracks and then compiled several new and pre-recorded tracks for Carl's 1st CD in 2001. Carl has been performing at the Fremont Street Experience for several years. Say hi and tell him that Wayne Carson sent you.

Ivana van der Veen - YouTube   (S)  We shared recording credits on several of the music tracks for her debut CD.  She recorded her vocals in her studio. (International artist - Netherlands/Germany).

Monika Ozdoba - YouTube    (S)  We shared recording credits on all  of  the songs on her debut CD.  Songs were played on the radio in Poland, England and USA. (International artist - Poland).

Stokes Productions - YouTube   (Agent)  Filmed and recorded 3 bands for this company. The Josh Greene Band, Moonshine Sons and California.

"Doc" Dockery - YouTube  (S/S)   Gary "Doc" Dockery filmed and recorded 21 songs in our studio. We mixed and mastered them and created unique videos to showcase Gary's exceptional talent as a songwriter/performer.

Paul Roberts - YouTube  (S/S)  Acoustic guitar player/singer songwriter.  I originally recorded Paul in 1994 and then in 2007 digitized and re-mastered his songs. His YouTube channel features 19 songs recorded, mixed and re-mastered by our studio and all set to easy watching and relaxing videos. 

Dave Williams - YouTube    Songwriter - Dave WilliamsA wide collection of songs for recording artists, producers, TV commericials and movie soundtracks.  We created all 52 of his most recent videos for YouTube.
Rita Lim - YouTube   (s)  We created her first 8 videos and edited a "showroom" video for her YouTube channel.

Lara Ash and Inferno - YouTube   (B)  We filmed and edited their "live" promo video.

FlipSide 5 - YouTube    (B)  Promo filmed and recorded "live" in our "black curtain" studio.