"Audio-Audition Digital Studios"

Las Vegas based audio/video studio, owned and operated by Wayne and Paula Carson, musician, singer/songwriters, engineer, videographers and artist

Established 1997

How much does it cost at Audio-Audition Digital Studios?

Cheaper than commercial studios and lot less than you think. We are a high end home studio capable of producing a mastered commercial CD with radio play quality and we film and edit video promos at bargain prices.

What do we offer?

Quality at bargain basement prices. Wayne has recorded bands and singer/songwriters since childhood, beginning with analog reel to reel 2-tracks, then 4-tracks, then 8-tracks and currently 128 tracks digital. He has an associates degree in electronics and computers and years of music education. He has been in numerous bands and still enjoys performing. Paula (an artist) and Wayne receive an enormous amount of satisfaction helping emerging new artists on a budget or established local bands looking for a new angle. 

Can we do it cheap?

Yes. Most clients choose several services of audio or video or both, but some clients just need one or two items fixed or tweaked.  Studio rates listed below are for one-off items, such as fixes. An overall price will be agreed upon prior to the start of any work or the filming or recording of all projects.

Will the product be a cut above?

Yes. Wayne has gained extensive knowledge of instrument frequencies, room acoustics and maintaining the integrity of the audio processing chain. We both have studied studio and stage lighting and video techniques.  Wayne and Paula have written, performed and recorded numerous songs of their own and with other artists. The price comes down to how long it takes for the performers to film or record their tracks and how much time and money they wish to spend in editing, vocal tuning, post-production and the mastering stage. 

What about the digital audio recorders on the market?

Don't be fooled by portable $200.00 - $900.00 digital audio recorders. Wayne has owned a few. They are limited. The component quality and editing options in these units are inadequate to create a commercial CD for major air play.  However, they are an invaluable tool in creating songs from ideas and they work fine for small club/bar demos. Bring your tracks to our studio and listen to them come alive with professional equipment and expertise. 

Are we as good as the big, expensive guys?

Probably not quite as good, but . . .  we are very, very close . . . and so is our equipment!  And we do it at a fraction of the cost.  Recently, an A&R Rep from Capitol Records, Los Angeles heard 4 of our recordings and mastering jobs and commented on how good it was.  Agents are using our client videos to promote their bands locally, nationally and internationally.

What don't we do?

We don't charge for lunch breaks, equipment setup or discussion.

Any guarantees?

We guarantee that we can provide you with a professional quality studio recording, studio filming or live filming.  We will pre-master the CD or master it to commercially acceptable standards. You will have complete say so about the project unless it is contradictory to sound judgement.  Then we wiil discuss it and offer recommendations if requested.  Our studio will not record discriminating or vulgar lyrics.

So, if you are a vocal soloist, a five piece band or something in between and want a professional quality audio CD or video DVD and at the lowest possible price, then......

  • Rehearse your songs and get a good nights sleep

  • Bring your talent, ideas and axe and dig in.  Enjoy the experience

  • You'll get free studio setup and tear down time

  • You'll maintain complete control of the musical expression (exception - no vulgarity, disrespectful or discriminating lyrics will be recorded)

  • You'll receive a stereo Digital Audio Tape (DAT), Compact Disc (CD), cassette tape or DVD (video only) . . . your choice

  • You'll maintain full copyright of your music composition and lyrics (original songs only).  No future royalties will be due to the studio

  • No alcohol or drugs will be permitted on premises

  • Overnight or extended equipment storage at very minimal costs

  • Studio rates (one-off) if no pre-arranged total package price:

    • $35 per hour - recording - initial recording/tracking of instruments, vocals and/or full band recording

    • $35 per hour - recording - overdubs, solo's, punch in recordings, vocal comps

    • $40 per hour - editing - audio fixes and vocal comps, vocal tuning (comps - multiple vocal tracks to a single master vocal track)
    • $35 per hour - mixdown  - EQ, effects processing, automation, audio analysis, dynamics processing, etc
    • $45 per hour - mastering - air play quality, CD balance and levels

    • $10 per DAT, CD, DVD or cassette tape (for duplicates after the provided master and backup copy)

Update . . . Update . . . Update ! !

Audio-Audition Digital Studios started in 1997 as a bargain "pro audio" digital home studio. We have expanded . . . big time!  We now offer video promos and professional portraits at bargain prices too!  An all-in-one shop for video, audio and portraits for you, your agents, clients and fan base with file conversion to upload to the internet (YouTube, websites, Facebook and MySpace).